Mossad and 911 it's an outside job

An Interview with Mr. ZBIG

Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski's Interview makes clear:
The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon
Zbigniew Brzezinski in late 70’s, tells Afghans :
” Your cause is right. God is on your side.
Dogs of War

Le Nouvel Observateur's Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser
Published 15-21 January 1998
Translated by Jean Martineau

I. Comment: The US & European States are still using Brzezinski's Muslim terrorist strategy!
by Jared Israel

II. Interview with Brzezinski

[Posted 6 September 2004]

Brzezinski's Interview with Le Nouvel Observateur

Le Nouvel Observateur: Former CIA director Robert Gates states in his memoirs: The American secret services began six months before the Soviet intervention to support the Mujahideen [in Afghanistan]. At that time you were president Carters security advisor; thus you played a key role in this affair. Do you confirm this statement?

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version, the CIA's support for the Mujahideen began in 1980, i.e. after the Soviet army's invasion of Afghanistan on 24 December 1979. But the reality, which was kept secret until today, is completely different: Actually it was on 3 July 1979 that president Carter signed the first directive for the secret support of the opposition against the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And on the same day I wrote a note, in which I explained to the president that this support would in my opinion lead to a military intervention by the Soviets.

Le Nouvel Observateur: Despite this risk you were a supporter of this covert action? But perhaps you expected the Soviets to enter this war and tried to provoke it?

Zbigniew Brzezinski: It's not exactly like that. We didn't push the Russians to intervene but we knowingly increased the probability that they would do it.

Le Nouvel Observateur: When the Soviets justified their intervention with the statement that they were fighting against a secret US interference in Afghanistan, nobody believed them. Nevertheless there was a core of truth to this...Do you regret nothing today?

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Regret what? This secret operation was an excellent idea. It lured the Russians into the Afghan trap, and you would like me to regret that? On the day when the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote president Carter, in essence: "We now have the opportunity to provide the USSR with their Viet Nam war." Indeed for ten years Moscow had to conduct a war that was intolerable for the regime, a conflict which involved the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet Empire.

Le Nouvel Observateur: And also, don't you regret having helped future terrorists, having given them weapons and advice?

Zbigniew Brzezinski: What is most important for world history? The Taliban or the fall of the Soviet Empire? Some Islamic hotheads or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

Le Nouvel Observateur: "Some hotheads?" But it has been said time and time again: today Islamic fundamentalism represents a world-wide threat...

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Rubbish! It's said that the West has a global policy regarding Islam. That's hogwash: there is no global Islam. Let's look at Islam in a rational and not a demagogic or emotional way. It is the first world religion with 1.5 billion adherents. But what is there in common between fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, moderate Morocco, militaristic Pakistan, pro-Western Egypt and secularized Central Asia? Nothing more than that which connects the Christian countries...

Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski's Interview makes clear:
The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon

Le Nouvel Observateur's Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser
Published 15-21 January 1998
Translated by Jean Martineau


- Comments -

Below is our translation of an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski. It is important for three reasons.

First, it flatly contradicts the official US justification for giving billions of dollars to the mujahideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, namely that the US and Saudi Arabia were defending so-called freedom fighters against Soviet aggression.

Not so, says Brzezinski. He confirms what opponents have charged: that the US began covert sponsorship of Muslim extremists five months *before* the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. He says that after President Carter authorized the covert action:

"I explained to the president that this support would in my opinion lead to a military intervention by the Soviets."

Second, the interview is instructive concerning so-called "conspiracy theory." To be sure, there are plenty of nutty theories out there. And of course, there are plenty of just plain wrong theories. But as Brzezinski demonstrates, the US foreign policy establishment did, for want of a better word, conspire. Even as they claimed to oppose Muslim extremism, they knowingly fomented it *as a weapon of policy.* And they lied about what they were doing, pretending they were helping freedom fighters resist an invasion. In other words, deceit on two levels.

One must ask oneself: if the US foreign policy Establishment used Muslim extremism as a weapon once, how can one argue *in principle* that they would not use it again?

We say they *have* used it again; that they have used it continuously; and that we are seeing the fruits of this policy. Most recently we have seen the real essence of the Brzezinski doctrine in the horrendous events this past week in Russia (culminating in the school attack) and Israel (the double bus bombing).
Read more:

This picture appeared in the London Times on December 11, 1995. The caption reads: "One of the Bosnian Army's Muslim brigades marches through Zenica in a demonstration of strength by 10,000 soldiers." Note that according to the Times these 10,000 troops constituted only *one* of "the Bosnian Army's Muslim brigades..."

During the 1990s, pictures like this were as rare as hen's teeth in the Western media. Why? Because they graphically demonstrated that the media was lying when it claimed that the "Bosnian Government" was moderate and multiculturalist and so on.

The white costumes these troops are wearing are the uniforms of Middle Eastern mujahideen, not Yugoslav Muslims. The Bosnian Muslim troops wore them because they had been indoctrinated by Muslim extremists, including mujahideen imported by Iran, Saudi Arabia and other extremist states, with the participation of Pentagon intelligence. In the early part of the Bosnian conflict (up until January 1993) Zalmay Khalilzad, the protégé of Zginew Brzezinski, was in charge of strategic planning at the Pentagon.

Mossad and 911 it's an outside job

Zbigniew Brzezinski

President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski visiting 'his boy', Osama Bin Laden, in training with the Pakistan Army, 1981.Photo originally scanned from the New York Village Voice. Photo credited to the Sygma/Corbis Agency, Paris. Examine the photos below.

Brzezinski and Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) discuss the string of Jihads that Zbigniew never regrets* See note about the photo Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Regret what? That secret operation (the CIA backing of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists) was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it?"

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?"Quoting Zbigniew Brzezinski Jan, 1998*[ (This interview was deleted from the version of Le Nouvel Observateur sent to the US)</font> [this translation into English by Blum]


Osama bin Laden: "The Western regimes and thegovernment of the US bear the blame for what might happen. If their people do not wish to be harmed inside their very own countriesthey should seek to elect governments that are truly representative of them and that can protect their interests. This part not aired on ABC)</font>

Osama bin Laden: "This is my message to the American people. I urge them to find a serious administration that acts in their interest and does not attack people and violate their honor and pilfer their wealth." Quoting Osama bin Laden May, 1998



Q:WHO the hell supports such murderous people like bin Laden?
A:The CIA, on behalf of Big Business interests.Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II is an excellent book that documents the incredibly immoral, unjust and criminally stupid tactics of the CIA. ( Mr. Blum, author of 'Killinmg Hope', writes, "It should be noted that there is no demonstrable connection between the Afghanistan war and the breakup of the Soviet Union and its satellites." )

"The single most useful summary of CIA history."- John Stockwell, former CIA officer

"Far and away the best book on the topic." - Noam Chomsky

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1. Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski about how the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan and starting the whole mess: Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15-21, 1998, p. 76 There are at least two editions of this magazine; with the perhaps sole exception of the Library of Congress,* the version sent to the United States is shorter than the the than the French version, and the Brzezinski interview was not included.

2. From the PBS site Frontline: Read the translation of the ABC John Miller interview (videotaped) which is further down on this page. Or, read the full interview with Bin Laden which starts with questions posed to him by his followers. This interview begins right here; it is then followed by the translation of the Miller interview with Bin Laden. ** (The first quote was not aired by ABC.)

(Note the most probing questions (clarifying the issues) are not asked by ABC's John Miller. (Bin Laden had the whole interview recorded by his own camera and an associate gave a copy of the tape to PBS's FRONTLINE.)


US and bin Laden


Former Friends: President Carter's national security adviser ZbiGniew Brzezinski on his 1980 tour of the Afghan border. Bin Laden first went to Peshawar, Pakistan, here in these photos Brezezinski checks out bin Laden's gun on the border of Afghanistan in 1980. This is what the CIA considers a "good idea": funding terrorists.



This is the only web page on Earth that features these two photos.



Does ANYONE see anything wrong with that? ( prove me wrong)



Photos: Photographs by Philippe Ledru/Corbis Sygma. Larger one scanned from the Village Voice. The Village Voice web site does not have the photo. The smaller one is from a Polish web site, also seen in Spiegel.


Notes on Zbigniew Brzezinski: From 1977 to 1981, Zbigniew Brzezinski was National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. We must stop these dangerous, shortsighted and stupid US foreign policies.

The basis for saying these are photos of Osama bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski is that the Village Voice Newspaper printed the larger photo with the caption saying "former friends" and the context of the article being about Osama bin Laden, this suggested that the photo is of Osama bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Also, the picture looks like bin Laden. This doesn't mean that this photo, or the smaller one, is definitely Osama. The Village Voice's choice of printing the photo may have been misleading, I haven't been able to verify for sure.

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